Mick Kitson, Sal, (Canongate Books)

Kitson’s debut novel has earnt him the accolade of being named a ‘New Face of Fiction 2018” by The Observer. This heart-warming story about the end of childhood, the strength of a sister’s love and the power of nature to heal even the deepest wounds also won the Welsh Book of the Year in 2019.


Christina Neuwirth, Amphibian, (Speculative Books)
Shortlisted for the Novella Award 2016, Amphibian tells the tale of Rose Ellis who arrives at work one morning to find that the entire fourth floor has been flooded with water, in a desperate attempt to improve productivity. As the water steadily rises, her working situation becomes more and more absurd in this quirky and poignant tale. 
Alex Boyd, St Kilda: The Silent Islands, (Luath Press)
In this photography book, landscape and documentary photographer Boyd captures the reality of St Kilda in a series of photographs. His focus encompasses not only the ruinous vestiges of the indigenous St Kildans, but also the presence of the Ministry of Defence today and its impact on this wilderness landscape.

Calum L. MacLeòid, A' Togail an t-Srùbain, (CLÀR)

David's in trouble. After earning a bit of money picking cockles on the island, his life is turned upside down when he discovers a body amongst the seaweed... a body that has disappeared when David comes around after fainting. MacLeod's first novel is a psychological thriller that asks deep questions about culture and community.