Rebeca Bird-Lima, Project & Communications Officer

Contact Rebeca about: Room hire, social media, communications, and general enquiries.

About Rebeca: Rebeca joined the Saltire Society in March 2023 after volunteering within the third sector and across a number of culture and heritage organisations. After graduating from UCL in 2021 with an MA in Museum Studies, Rebeca moved to Edinburgh and has spent her time exploring this beautiful country ever since! When out of the office, Rebeca enjoys hiking, museum and gallery trips, ballet, visits to the theatre and opera, cooking, and hosting parties.

Favourite Scottish Public Artwork: Saint Bride by John Duncan

William Begbie, Office Ghost

Contact Begbie about: Why all the screws in the reading room cladding have been pulled out, why the printer has been working all night and where anything we've ever lost has gone. 

About Begbie: William Begbie joined the team in the 1980s when the Society moved into Fountain Close. Begbie has been a resident in the historic Saltire Society office since his murder most horrid on 13 November 1806. Before he joined the Society, he was a porter at the British Linen Company's Bank and a living being. 

Favourite Scottish Book: Ballads and Lyrical Pieces by Sir Walter Scott

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