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Scotland's National Book Awards 2023 Announced

The Saltire Society announced the winners of 2023 Scotland’s National Book Awards at a ceremony in Glasgow on Thursday 7 December.


Author: Sarah Mason

Room Hire

From Fringe rehearsal space, to AGMs, to film screenings, you can hire a room at The Saltire Society's HQ. Members receive a discount.


Author: Sarah Mason

Location: 9 Fountain Close,22 High Street, Edinburgh

Saltire Housing Design Awards 2023 Results

The 2023 Saltire Housing Design Awards were announced at a ceremony Hosted by Guest Chair Michael Angus.


Author: Sarah Mason

Meeting Places; A Celebration of 85 Years of the Saltire Society

This pamphlet is a vibrant snapshot of creative thought from across generations and communities in Scotland. The pamphlet is introduced by Clare Hunter, author of Sunday Times bestseller ‘Threads of Life’.

About the Saltire Society

Find out about what we do and how you can be a part of our work and community.


Author: Heather Palmer

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