I previously ran a post office and an everything kind of shop since 1966 till 1994 was held up 3 times and husband shot at final hold up. He died of cancer just over a year later he was 50.  During this time my oldest son became very mentally ill he took his life in 2000.

Nemo; the latin meaning “No One”  This is how members felt they were being treated, Theatre nemo is giving people a voice through arts and drama

Theatre Nemo came about through our knowledge of the lack of support for people that were going through severe mental health issues along with the experience of my sons deteriorating mental health and suicide.  It is also there  to support their family and friends.

While engaging with people in the community it was suggested that we should take these arts workshops into psychiatric hospitals, which we did  and then went on to engage with the mental health unit in HMP Barlinnie from around 2004.

We have received a number of awards for this work They come with my name but thats just that they have to have a named person but they are for everyone, the workshop artists and the members, as no one person is responsible for all the great work that goes on.

I am working on a new vision were calling it “Join The Dots”  A centre where all the support agencies are in the one building working together to give the best support for people in need at the time of need.