Claire McGinlay

2019 Alasdair Gray Bursary Awardee

The winner of The Alasdair Gray Inspiring Scotland Bursary was artist Claire McGinlay whose received funding for a body of paintings focusing on the whitewashing of abuse claims at the Sisters of Nazareth Orphanage in the 1970s and 80s.

I am thrilled to have won this award. It reassures my confidence in the work I am currently developing that explores the impact of story-telling to highlight urgent causes. I hope to reach a wider audience and highlight the evolution of our social landscape in relation to art practice.” Claire McGinlay

The Inspiring Scotland Bursaries were created to celebrate emerging creatives, based in Scotland, who demonstrate exceptional potential and whose development will be greatly benefitted by the funds. The Alasdair Gray Inspiring Scotland Bursary, first created in 2017, is open annually to post-secondary students pursuing a career in music, fine arts, theatre, dance or cultural studies and seeks to fund innovative, multi-disciplinary creative proposals.