The Housing Awards celebrate a cornerstone of Scottish culture - that everyone has the right to good housing.

The Saltire Housing Design Awards have, for 85 years, celebrated the best in housing. With a particular focus on longevity, good practice and environmentally responsible work, the Awards look at single and multiple dwellings. 

Our panel of experts is made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and representatives from local authority housing. This expert panel visits every property shortlisted to visit with those living there and to experience the space themselves, setting these Awards apart. 

“It's good for anyone to get recognition, whatever field they're in, and and it's nice when you do something interesting and people notice it  Duncan Porteous, Handmade House

What is ‘good housing’?

Good housing combines architecture and building fit for healthy living with safe materials and ethical practice and labour. It’s not enough to create an aesthetically pleasing building, it has to be a space made for people to live happily. We look at housing as a whole, combining the experts’ assessment of tangible quality and the way in which these homes evoke feeling and create experiences. 

Our Panel of Judges

Convener John Brennan

Guest Chair Ginnie Atkinson

Mary Arnold Forster

Tamsin Cunningham

Ian Gilzean

Helen Lucas

Suzanne McIntosh

Heather Macnaughton

Bruce Newlands

Tim Sharpe

John Shepherd

Chris Simmonds

Steven Tolson