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2015 International Travel Bursary winner Marianne Dryburgh has reached Kingston Jamaica.


Saltire Society and EiFF celebrate milestone anniversaries with new £3,000 Most Promising Filmmaker Award


As part of Imagining Scotland and the Society's 80th Ruth Wishart's piece on the Society and the honours system


As part of Imagining Scotland and the Society's 80th celebrations read Richard Holloway's Wha's Like Us?


For an aspiring Scottish artist to spend a fully funded three month residency in New York.


Scotland’s First Online Literary Festival. 24-26 June 2016.

The Saltire Society 80th Celebration

Join us as we celebrate 80 years of inspiration, celebration and provocation.

In 1936 a group of people came together in small flat in Glasgow.  They feared that Scotland’s cultural gas was at a peep, that the achievements of the past were unrecognised, great traditions were being lost and contemporary arts lacked vitality. They did something about it. They formed a the Saltire Society who, for 80 years has promoted, presented, published, agitated and debated and in doing so helped create the conditions for today’s thriving and confident creative Scotland.

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