Tuesday 30 June 2020

The Second Life Inspiring Scotland Winner Announced

Sequoia Barnes has been named the recipient of the Inspiring Scotland Bursary in partnership with the  Edwin Morgan Trust's centenery celebrations. The Second Life is is funding new work which react the work of Makar Edwin Morgan, who would have been 100 this year. 

This is a brilliant opportunity for new life to come from some of the best-loved writings in Scottish history. We believe, that of all the many wonderful celebrations of Eddie's life and work, he would have been most pleased with this funding of new, powerful work. It's this that will take us forward from what he left us. 

Sequoia Barnes’ work is predominately centered around making processes, rituals, and modes of fashioning. Trained in semiotics, she deploys research through praxis often in her artistic explorations of black diasporic symbolisms, storytelling as performance, and positioning the creative process as a performance/ritual. Her most recent work speaking to these elements were her artist responses to Senga Nengudi (Fruitmarket Gallery) and Nick Cave (Tramway) with performative works entitled Sew Me A Quilt. Tell You A Story. (2019) and The Burden I Bear Is Heavy (2019), respectively. 
“Responding to Edwin Morgan’s life and work is having access to someone’s artifacts that I would otherwise feel like I cannot engage with for many reasons that lie in subjection and exclusion. However, I am looking forward to showing someone like me that they can find themselves anywhere and in anything even when you are made to feel that you are not allowed to do such a thing.”


Meet the other winners here: https://edwinmorgantrust.com/2020/06/28/the-second-life-grants-stage-one-announcement/


6 August 2020

Dear Grieve: Remembering John Manson

We are sorry to mark the passing of John Grieve, literary critic and poet and Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun Awardee. 

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21 July 2020

Professor of Philosophy Alexander Broadie Honoured by Saltire Society

We at the Saltire Society are delighted to announce that Professor Alexander Broadie will take up the role of Honorary Vice President

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30 June 2020

The Second Life Inspiring Scotland Winner Announced

We are thrilled to be funding an Inspiring Scotland busary in partnership with The Edwin Morgan Trust. 

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