Wednesday 17 July 2019

The Saltire Society Festival Events


The Saltire Society are pleased to present our Festival programme for August!


Join us throughout the festival month for art, music and poetry in Scots, Gaelic and English!



 5 August

5.30pm for 6pm

The Opening of Vivid Rebellion an exhibition of the Work of Edward McLaughlin.

“Dementia: You could see it as a gift or a curse. To me it’s a gift. It’s opened up a wonderful world to me.”

After Edward McLaughlin received a diagnosis of Dementia in 2002, he retreated for a long time into inactivity and depression. When he eventually took up Art again he discovered to his amazement that he now saw the world and in particular colours quite differently.

A series of vibrant portraits gave expression to his new visual sensibility and contrasted markedly with the meticulous pencil drawings typical of his work before diagnosis. Since then he has used this enriched sense of colour to create a body of work which illuminates his own extraordinary personal voyage of discovery.

His art has been lauded as a vivid insight into the inner life of someone with dementia, but it is even more than that. With its exploration of the complexity and shifting nature of individual identity it is suffused with universal messages and questions.

Essentially it asks us what it means to be human.




August 7


The Heretics, Old and New

The Heretics are back with a bang! Members of the original group from the 70s, as well as brand new creatives, will present an evening of music, songs and poetry in Scots, Gaelic and English.

Including Joy Hendry, Dolina MacLennan, John Herdman, Richard Munro, Marcus Magan- Tuairneir, Lorna J. Waite and many more.

A true celebration of Scottish Culture.



August 10


Hugh MacDiarmid: A Celebration

Poet Hugh MacDiarmid, who has been called ‘the single most powerful cultural force in 20th-centry Scotland”, will be honoured at two events. Hugh MacDiarmid: A Celebration will feature performed readings by Dolina Maclennan and Alan Riach.



August 15


Donald Campbell – The Person, the Poet, the Playwright.

An evening to celebrate the life of Donald Campbell, an original member of The Heretics with John Herdman, Peter Burnett and George Gunn.



August 17


Duncan Ban MacIntyre: His Life, Time and Verse.

A discussion of the work and life of renowned Gaelic nature poet with Domhnall Uilleam Stiubhart, and Seumas Campbell.




August 21


The Folksong Flyting

A reenactment of the Folksong Flyting, a battle of wits and pens between Hamish Henderson and Hugh MacDiarmid which played out accross the pages of the Scotsman in the 1960s. The words of the two great writers will be brought to life by David Francis and Alan Riach, with Alec Finlay.



25 October 2019

Saltire Book Cover of the Year 2019

Our new Award for Cover Design celebrates the enormous talent Scotland has in book production and design. This Award and its recipient will exemplify creativity and the relationship between the designer, the publisher and author.

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24 October 2019

Scotland's National Book Awards Shortlist Announced

The Saltire Society has announced the shortlists for the 2019 Saltire Literary Awards, as well as two brand new prizes. 

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5 October 2019

2019 Outstanding Women of Scotland 2019 Announced

Campaigners tackling period poverty, equality and the continuation of Scottish Folklore and folksong are among the 2019 Outstanding Women of Scotland Inductees.

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