Our unique role in Scottish life . . .

We believe we have an important and unique role to play, as an independent advocate and celebrant of all that is good and important about our cultural lives and achievements. We are working hard to refresh our work fit for changing times. The Society has played a crucial role over the last seventy-five years, at times as a lone voice, in recognising our cultural achievement.  And while times have changed, the need for that independent voice remains.

We are:

  • An apolitical membership organisation open to all

  • An international supporter and patron of the arts and cultural heritage of Scotland

  • A champion of free speech on the issues that matter to the cultural life of every Scot

  • A promoter of the best of what we are culturally, now and in the future

  • A catalyst to ensure new ideas are considered and the best of them are made real

We are an organisation with a future . . .

We are striving to be an organisation whose views are respected and valued, and through our activities will seek to influence politicians, policy makers, public bodies and the public as to the importance of Scotland’s cultural achievements and ambitions. We will provide a platform and stimulus for debate and discussion. We will promote and encourage the appreciation of Scottish culture and heritage at home and abroad. We will celebrate Scotland’s cultural achievements through a refreshed programme of Awards. Our activity will seek to raise awareness of the diversity of contemporary Scottish society and our heritage including Gaelic and Scots language.

 We hope you may wish to join us in this work

The Benefits of Membership . . .

  • Invitations to our awards ceremonies
  • Invitations to lectures and debates
  • Attendance at Branch events
  • Use of our Reading Room in our Edinburgh HQ
  • Regular news on our national activities
  • An opportunity to influence policy

And perhaps above all, your support allows the Saltire Society to pursue our ambitions for the greater good of the country.