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Building Scotland Past and Future

The Saltire Society celebrates its 80th year this year and it’s association with architecture goes back almost as long.  Our first Housing Awards were presented in 1937, and still continue to this day. In 1944 the Society published Robert Hurd and Alan Reiach’s seminal text Building Scotland.  It is this long history of work with the architectural community and our experience in provoking the discussion on the issues that matter to the lives of scots that allow us to present three of Scotland’s best Architects; Jude Barber, Malcolm Fraser and Neil Gillespie together in an unique event in Glasgow.  


Taking Building Scotland as the starting point the three architects have responded in typically unique fashion.  Jude Barber’s The Better Days is a series of individually handmade, ceramic pieces - created with female architects and which will each be gifted to each of Scotland’s 129 newly elected MSPs.  She will be joining Malcolm Fraser and Neil Gillespie who have produced two Saltire Series Pamphlets of their own. Shoddy Schools and Fancy Finance: The mis-selling of PFI by Malcom Fraser tackles the issue of public procurement policy head on with a typical unflinching style. Neil Gillespie has produced a personal and poetic pamphlet titled Rebuilding Scotland which takes stock of the architectural climate in Scotland at this key time. Join them as they discuss the themes that have emerged in their exploration of contemporary Scottish architecture.


Three distinct approaches to the challenges facing Scottish architecture but all with the same aim: to improve the built environment in this country.