Katherine Cameron

1874 – 1965


Katherin Cameron was born on 26 February 1874 in Hillhea.

Etcher and flower painter in watercolour and gouache. Katherine studied at the Glasgow School of Art, from 1890 to 1893 under  Francis H. Newbery. She then studied at the Atelier Colarossi, with Gustave Courtois. In 1928 she married Arthur Kay.

She was a member of the Glasgow Society of Lady Artists. She exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy, from 1894 to 1965. She also worked as a book illustrator

Katherin Cameron exhibited at the R.S.A. from 1894 and at the R.A. from 1921. R.S.W. 1897, A.R.E. 1920 and F.R.S.A. 1950

She also illustrated a number of books, including Flowers I Love, In Fairyland, Where the Bee Sucks and Haunting Edinburgh. First one-man exhibition at the Annan Gallery, Glasgow, 1959.


Books illustrated included:

  • The Yellow Book (1897), contributor
  • Mary McGregor – Stories of King Arthur’s Knights (Jack, 1905)
  • Charles Kingsley - The Water Babies: Told To The Children by Amy Steedman (Jack,1905)
  • Louey Chisholm - The Storks and Other Stories For The Six Year Old (Jack, 1905)
  • Louey Chisholm – The Enchanted Land(Jack, 1906)
  • Aucassin and Nicolette (12th Century French Song Story) (1908)
  • Amy Steedman – Legends and Stories of Italy (Jack, 1909),
  • Louey Chisholm – In Fairyland: Tales Told Again (Jack, 1910)
  • Louey Chisholm – Celtic Tales Told To The Children (Jack, 1910)
  • James Richmond Aitken – In A City Garden (Foulis, 1913)
  • Edward Thomas – The Flowers of Love: An Anthology of Flower Poems. A Series of 24 Drawings in Colour (Jack, 1916)
  • Iolo Aneurin WilliamsWhere The Bee Sucks: A Book of Flowers (Poems Chosen by I. A. Williams) (Medici Society, 1929),
  • Fiona Grierson – Haunting Edinburgh (John Lane, 1929),
  • Katherine Cameron – Iain The Happy Puppy: Being The Autobiography of a West Highland Terrier (Moray Press, 1934)