Ann Marie di Mambro


Playwright and Television Screenwriter

Ann Marie Di Mambro is a Scottish playwright and television screenwriter of Italian extraction. Her theatre plays have been performed widely; they are also published individually and in collections and are studied in schools for the Scottish curriculum's Higher Drama and English.

Ann Marie Di Mambro studied at Glasgow University, Girton College, Cambridge, and Bolton College of Education, before becoming a teacher. She gave up teaching to write for theatre.  Her plays have been performed in Scotland's main theatres as well as touring to other venues across Scotland. In addition to theatre plays, she writes drama for British television, and British radio.

From 1989 - 1990, she was the Thames Television Resident Playwright at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. She has been commissioned to write plays by the Traverse Theatre and by Cumbernauld Theatre. She won the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize for 1994-5.

Di Mambro has written for a number of British television serials and series, such as, Casualty, EastEnders, Taggart and Holby City.

Di Mambro was also screenwriter on the first ever long-running Gaelic drama television serial Machair created by Peter May and Janice Hally. Along with Hally, Di Mambro wrote scripts in English before they were translated into Gaelic. Fewer than 2% of the Scottish population are able to speak Gaelic but the show achieved a 30% audience share, making it into the Top Ten of programmes viewed in Scotland. Machair was nominated for production and writing awards at The Celtic Film Festival and by Writers Guild of Great Britain.

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