The 2018 Publisher and Emerging Publisher of the Year Awards were announced on the 30 November 2018.


 Canongate’s impressive, bold commissioning and strong marketing positions them as a global publishing brand. The efforts made by the whole team are striking. This year has seen Canongate acquire Severn House and has been a positive step in building on an already strong list.




Historic Environment Scotland produces lavishly illustrated and superbly produced books of the highest quality. HES is working hard to extend its reach and range as an institutional publisher, including partnerships with organisations such as Bloody Scotland. The company is a small team, achieving a great deal.






As both editor and translator at Charco Press, Carolina is a driving force in its success as a publisher. Carolina has shown particular ingenuity, skill and dexterity to work on a number of publishing facets at once to ensure the best quality of work is produced. In a relatively short time she has become an important part of publishing in Scotland.




Alan is a very hardworking publisher and grasps every opportunity that comes his way. He is consistent in his approach and tireless on behalf of his authors. Little Door Books has a clear direction and a strong USP. Alan’s work is all the more notable as he is based outwith the central belt and shows remarkable reach as an author too, attending seventy events over the last year.






Saltire Society Publisher of the Year Award 2018 Shortlisted Publishers


•    404 Ink. Shortlisted in the Saltire Publisher of the Year Award category in 2017, 404 Ink is an award-winning alternative, independent publisher of books and literary magazines. 404 Ink believe in publishing little but publishing loud, putting full energy and resources into every author they publish.
•    BHP Comics. BHP Comics is Scotland’s leading comics and graphic novel publisher and was shortlisted in the Saltire Publisher of the Year Award category in 2017. It champions new, exciting and diverse creator-owned, comics, graphic novels and art books that cover a wide range of topics and themes.
•    Birlinn Limited. In addition to celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2017, Birlinn was named winner of the Saltire Publisher of the Year Award the same year. Birlinn publishes Scottish and general UK interest books, from biography to history, and Scottish Gaelic. It aims to push the boundaries of the imagination, constantly challenging and nurturing the talent of its authors and of its team.
•    Canongate Books. Established in 1973, Canongate Books has emerged as one of the most dynamic publishing houses in Britain. With an international outlook, it continues to nurture and publish new talent from around the world, whilst retaining the essence of the Scottish Canon. It was shortlisted in the Saltire Publisher of the Year Award category in 2017.
•    Historic Environment Scotland. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) is the lead public body for Scotland's historic environment. From landmark works of expert research to creative collaborations with internationally renowned authors, its aim is to explore ideas and start conversations about the past, present and future of our Scotland’s history and heritage.

•    Luath Press. Established in 1981, Luath Press is a leading independent book publisher with over 400 books in print including modern fiction, history, politics, travel guides and poetry. It is committed to publishing well written books worth reading and offers distinctive writing with a hint of unexpected pleasures.



Saltire Society Emerging Publisher of the Year Award 2018 Shortlistees

•    Alan Windram (Little Door Books)
•    Carolina Orloff (Charco Press)
•    Charlotte Brady (Canongate Books)
•    Heather Palmer (BHP Comics)
•    James T. Harding (Stewed Rhubarb Press)
•    Megan Reid (Canongate Books)

The Saltire Society Publisher of the Year Award 2018
in partnership with Publishing Scotland

Established in 2013, the Saltire Society Publisher of the Year Award is dedicated to encouraging and supporting Scottish publishers. The Award aims to recognise and promote the work of Scottish publishers as an important element in the ecology of Scottish literature. The winner of the Award will receive £1000 to assist their business in its further development. The judges will also have the option to award a commendation.



The Saltire Society Emerging Publisher of the Year Award 2018
in partnership with Publishing Scotland and the Society of Young Publishers Scotland

Established in 2016 this award aims to recognise and encourage the work of an
individual in the early stages of their publishing career as they develop their skills and
experience in the industry.  The winner will receive a prize of £500.




2017 Saltire Publisher Awards shortlist unveiled
at special event in Edinburgh

2017 sees awards for both Publishing companies and individuals at the beginning of their career in the industry. Established publishers such as Canongate and Birlinn are shortlisted alongside new comers 404Ink who have had phenomenal success with their first publication Nasty Women,and niche publishers Handspring.

Emerging talents, such as Kirstin Lamb of Barington Stoke and Laura Waddell of Harper Collins, have been shortlisted for the Emerging Publisher of the Year Award for their commitment, innovation and adaptability within the industry.






The Awards will be announced at a special ceremony on St Andrew's Day.

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The panel for the award comprises:

• Aly Barr, Scottish Poetry Library
• Jenny Brown, Jenny Brown Associates
• Marion Sinclair, CEO, Publishing Scotland
• Professor Claire Squires, University of Stirling
• Plus Invited Guests

Details and the application for the
Publisher Award can be viewed HERE.

Details and the application for the
Emerging Publisher Award can be viewed HERE.






2016 Saltire Society Publisher of the Year

supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland

The winner of the Publisher of the Year award will be given to opportunity to attend the renowned Yale University Publishing course, fully funded as parts of the Saltire’s 80th anniversary celebrations.

"Floris has had a sparkling year, but the honour of being named Scottish Publisher of the Year is undoubtedly the crowning achievement. We're so proud that children's books, in particular, are being recognised at the highest level. This award is dedicated to the people who have built Floris over four decades: our brilliant authors and illustrators, our creative and tireless team, and the wonderful Scottish literary community who has supported us throughout."

                       -- Katy Lockwood-Holmes, Publisher & Chief Executive, Floris Books


2016 Emerging Publisher of the Year Award

In partnership with Publishing Scotland and the Society of Young Publishers Scotland




New for 2016, the winner of the Saltire Emerging Publisher of the Year Award was also announced as Leah McDowell, Design and Production Manager at Floris Books. Leah was awarded £500 and said:

"I'm truly delighted to have won this inaugural award which celebrates all the amazing, emerging talent that makes the Scottish publishing industry so rich and lively. Publishing is a team effort so big thanks to Floris Books, which has supported me from the beginning, and of course to the immensely talented illustrators I have the privilege to work with every day."