Working Verse in Victorian Scotland: Poetry, Press, Community

by Kirstie Blair

Published by Oxford University Press

Judges' Comments:

'This book presents the conclusions of a detailed study of poetry which was written and read widely in Victorian Scotland but which has been largely ignored by literary scholars.  It focusses on working class poetry which was published in the popular press – looking at over 30 widely circulated local newspapers from across Scotland – and assesses its impact on politics and culture. In doing so, it enhances our understanding of the scope and role of Scottish literature during this period. It also underlines the importance of newspapers as a source of information about the cultural changes that took place in Victorian Scotland as a result of industrialisation, and explores the new ways of reading newspapers made possible by digitisation.'

From Jacqueline Norton, Senior Commissioning Editor at OUP:

'I am delighted to see that Professor Kirstie Blair’s book Working Verse in Victorian Scotland: Poetry, Press, Community has been shortlisted for this prestigious award.  The study draws on extensive archival research and reveals a new story of Scottish literature in this period, as well as extending our understanding of the role of popular verse in national and international cultures.’

Kirstie Blair:

‘I’m delighted to be nominated for this award. It was such a pleasure to research this book and find so many fascinating and often unknown Scottish writers.’