Threads of Life by Clare Hunter

Publsished by Sceptre (Hodder & Stoughton)

Judges Comments:

'Threads of Life is a warm and engaging read which intertwines a life journey with the story of needlecraft. The judges felt moved by the range in examples of sewing, embroidery and the community aspect of creating woven works of art. Clare Hunter draws the reader into her world and shows how complex, political and meaningful needle craft is.'

Sceptre (Hodder & Stoughton):

‘I’m absolutely delighted that Clare Hunter has been shortlisted for the Saltire Award. Threads of Life gives voice to centuries of men and women who have used sewing to tell their story – from a Scottish family attic to Singapore during the war – and proves the great cultural, social, artistic and historical importance of a much neglected art.’

Clare Hunter:

‘It is such a pleasure and delight to be shortlisted for a Saltire Award for my book The Threads of Life which, while it explores the purpose of sewing across geographies and cultures, is firmly anchored in Scotland.’