A Superior Spectre by Angela Meyer

Published by Saraband

Judges Comments:

'A Superior Spectre was immensely dark, deeply enticing and profoundly uncomfortable to read. Meyer has created a twisted and complicated character with whom it is difficult to reconcile. Angela Meyer has cleverly crafted an immersive and completely atmospheric work.'



'I am thrilled for Angela that her ambitious, bold, speculative novel has made the shortlist of such a competitive prize. Angela is a dazzling talent who is equally at home in full-length and short fiction; and in the present day, the past and futuristic settings. We feel privileged to publish her work and look forward to many more outstanding books from her.'

Angela Meyer:

'I am overwhelmed with gratitude, and immeasurably delighted, that A Superior Spectre has been embraced by the judges as fitting on this shortlist.'