Established in 2015 the shadow panel sees members of the Society of Young Publishers Scotland read and discuss the shortlists for Fiction, First Book, Non-Fiction and Poetry.

 Shadow Panel Members 2018



Federica Fiorillo

Nikki Charalampous

Sandra Nimako-Boatley

Kate Knowles

Victoria Walsh

Erin Anderson


First Book

Nicola Torch

Kaitlin Lopez

Megan Rachel Paterson

Katalina Watt

Caoimhe O’Sullivan

Tom Harley-McKeon



Barbara Mignocchi

Shilpa Sheetal

Hannah Fields

Camille Rey

Paul Makin



Iris Kwakernaat

Kerri Logan

Paula Lyttle

Jannik Gehde

Tara Preissl

Raminta Uselyte



To read about the shadow panel's experience on the Awards, click on their name to read about thier experience being on the shadow panel.