2011 Saltire Society Art in Public Places Award Winner

Weil and Greywacke and The Erratic Dumfries and Galloway Council

Artist/Craftsman: Mr Matt Baker 
Artist/Craftsman: David Ralston 
Architect: Smith Scott Mullan Associates 
Commissioner: Dumfries and Galloway Council

The brief to the artists was that their work must be of natural or complimentary materials to the overall landscaping and relate to the area so that the result was a series of site specific pieces that complemented the landscape design and strengthened the identity of Stranraer.

The Erratic: Previously there had been a badly constructed model of a wishing well outside the castle that acted as a charity collection vessel for the Rotary Club. Proposals were to replace this with a more interactive and site specific piece.

Weil and Greywacke: The design of the scheme takes its inspiration from the medieval and geological history of the area. As with the rest of the project the artwork was to be accessible and interactive. The castle is framed by a series of grassed terraces and Matt took the central wall of these to create his work know and Greywacke. At the lower level of the scheme is a large public area. At the base of these low walls is a larger paved public area. The focus of this is a performance space which is formed by Matt’s second piece known as Weil.