The Saltire Society Awards promote excellence in the arts and sciences. Awards run throughout the year in many different disciplines. The general public and members of the Saltire Society are encouraged to support and to put forward nominations for any of the Awards.

Awards are presented in the following categories:

The Saltire Society's Civil Engineering Awards, made in association with the Institution of Civil Engineers, are awarded annually to recognise the excellence in civil engineering in Scotland. Established in 1981, these awards have been showcasing the very best of Scottish civil engineering for over 30 years.

Established in 1971 with the first Awards taking place in 1972, the Saltire Society's Arts in Public Places Awards are held every two years. These Awards celebrate excellence of the visual arts and crafts in Scotland and demonstrate how they can be an intinsic and beautiful part of our built environment. 

The Saltire Society Literature Awards are given to books by living authors of Scottish descent or residing in Scotland or the book subject must be the work or life of a Scot or with a Scottish question, event or situation.

The Saltire Society Housing Design Awards have celebrated Scotland's achievements in housing since 1937, longer than any other design awards in Scotland. These highly regarded awards both reward and advocate innovation and excellence in Scottish house building and place-making. 

The Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun Award was established in 1988 and is presented in recognition of a significant contribution made to Scottish culture. Previous recipients include Tom Fleming, Donald Dewar, Gearge Davie, David Dachies, Robin Jenkins and Mackay Brown amongst others.