Friday 17 May, Edinburgh Philosophical Institution Lecture:

Pat Clark on People, Places and Piazzas: The Life and Art of Charles H. Mackie RSA RSW (1862 – 1920)


The lecture provided a comprehensive survey of his life and the development of his art, from his early struggles as an artist up to his final recognition as RSA, RSW. His family also merited mention, since they provided invaluable support in the early years of his career. The fellow artists he met – Gauguin, Vuillard, Hornel – and the places he painted – Kirkcudbright, Normandy, Venice – formed the core of the talk. The illustrations covered all aspects of his oeuvre – watercolour, oil, tooled leatherwork, woodblock prints and sculpture. The range of his talent and determined dedication to his chosen vocation was shown in this range of material. A journey with this “forgotten man” of Scottish art provided evidence of his skill as a colourist and reclaimed his place in art’s pantheon. The dates for the forthcoming Mackie Exhibition in the City Art Centre were confirmed as 16th May – 10th October 2020.