Saltire Literary Awards 2017 Shortlists Announced!

We are delighted to announce the 2017 Saltire Society Literary Awards Shortlists.

Saltire Publisher Awards 2017 Shortlists Announced!

The 2017 Saltire Society Publisher Awards Shortlists have been announced.

Saltire Literary Awards 2016 Winners Announced.

Scotlands most prestigious literary awards were announced at a ceremony in Edinburgh on the 24th of November

Saltire Publisher Awards Announced

At a ceremony on the 24th November the 2016 Publisher Awards were announced.

Fletcher Awards Announced

Astronomer Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, playwright&visual artist John Byrne & Gaelic activist John Angus Mackay honoured with Fletcher Awards

2016 Outstanding Women of Scotland Inductees announced!

Ten Scottish women from the fields of the arts, culture, politics, activism, law and science have been honoured and inducted into the esteemed Saltire Society ‘Outstanding Women of Scotland’ community at a special event in Glasgow today.

Saltire Celebrates

An adventurous occasion to profile Scottish talent, creativity & achievement across the full range of the Scotland’s imaginative powers.

Scottish History Book and Research Book Awards Shortlists Announced!

The 2013 Scottish History and Scottish Research Books of the Year Awards Shortlists have been announced ahead of the Saltire Literary Awards on the 14th November.

Scottish Book and First Book Shortlist announced!

The Saltire Society announced the shortlists for the 2013 Saltire Scottish Book of the Year and First Book of the Year Awards last night at an event on the future of Scottish writing at Wigtown Book Festival.

Freedom of Speech in the New Scotland!

This is a unique opportunity to hear two of our most exceptional authors, Alan Bissett and Jean Rafferty, in conversation on a matter that affects us all.    

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