Maggie  Mciver

Maggie McIver

1879 - 1958

Founder of the Barrowlands Ballroom and Barras Market.

Maggie McIver will feature in the March of Women on 7th March 2015, a procession of women from Glasgow and beyond spilling out of Glasgow Women’s Library onto the streets of Bridgeton to celebrate the achievements of women past and present.

Maggie McIver was a remarkable woman, she not only founded the Barras market, she also built the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. She was known locally as the Barras Queen.

Maggies  is a classic rag to riches story. She was born in 1880 the daughter of a Policeman and by the age of 48 she had opened the Barras indoor market, showing her to be a canny business woman at time when very few women ran their own businesses. Many of her stalls were rented out to women.  She was a considerate woman who built the Barrowland ballroom so that her Hawkers (stall holders)  could hold their Christmas dance.

barrowland 2 Barrowlands Ballroom today.

Barras Market in 1928

As a widow by age of 49, with 9 children and a business to run life would not have been easy, at a time where there was no child care and women would have relied on each other.

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