2014 Publisher of the Year Award Shortlist


Backpage Press

Backpage Press are rapidly becoming one of the most innovative publishers in Scotland. With a dynamic approach to the book market, they have proved to be deft playmakers; focusing their strategy on key marketing positions to hit their goals in books, digital and now video games.






This publisher continues to take a brave and innovative approach to their work. They have retained their financial resilience while successfully responding to change. High production values, the strength in their non-fiction catalogue and their pro-active marketing strategies are all recognisable qualities of their work.






Floris continue to produce books of a high creative and educational standard for young readers and as such play a crucial role in the reading lives of young Scots. This year has seen the company developing new books for different age groups and garnering many national prize nominations for its work. A very impressive year of sales and critical acclaim demonstrates the strong leadership and creative drive that is fuelling the company for the future.






The company excel in supporting and nurturing new writers while also retaining their focus and drive to achieve their business goals. They have shown a quantifiable step change in their levels of activity over the year, this accomplished with a small team. The quality of their publications is also notable.





Bright Red

This company produce books to a very high production standard while responding positively to change and new challenges. Bright Red has achieved a great deal in a short period of time, demonstrating good strategic planning and resilience in the process. They have also found new and exciting ways of engaging with users in a market that is very different from mainstream publishing.





Sandstone Press

This small enterprise has achieved a great deal though their enthusiastic pragmatism. They have been building effective partnerships, work well with students and responded dynamically to changes and challenge through small but innovative steps. Their progress is also evident in the improved quality of the publications. The quality of their editorial work is also notable.