All One Breath

John Burnside
(Jonathan Cape)

In this absorbing new collection John Burnside examines our shared experience
of this mortal world. These poems celebrate the fleeting, charged moments where,
through measured and gracious encounters with other lives, we find our true selves,
and bring some brief, insubstantial goodness and beauty into being.

At Maldon

J O Morgan
(CB Editions)

In 991 an army of Anglo-Saxons joined battle with a party of Viking raiders on the
coast of Essex. The encounter was recorded in a long poem. Morgan here uses the original
poem as a lens through which to re-imagine that summer’s day on which some men fought, loyal
to the end, and some men fled.


Jen Hadfield

Byssus is an unsurprisingly rich and various collection — but a book first and
foremost about home, and what it takes to find and forge one. Hadfield shows how speech itself
affords us a means to inhabit and merge with a landscape, through a practice of attention
and careful honouring.

The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion

Kei Miller

Kei Miller dramatises what happens when one system of knowledge, one method
of understanding place and territory, comes up against another. We watch as the
cartographer, used to the scientific methods of assuming control over a place by mapping it,
is gradually compelled to recognise — even to envy — a wholly different understanding of place.

Bones & Breath

Alexander Hutchison

People want pleasure from poetry, and in Bones & Breath, this masterly new collection
from Alexander Hutchison, they can find it in many forms and registers. Power and beauty, mischief and humour. Longer poems mix satire with tender affection.


Locust and Marlin

J L Williams
(Shearmans Books)

With an otherworldly, almost shamanistic, perspective on how the world presents itself
to us, the dream-like clarity of J L Williams’s imagery conjures a place of disturbing
wonder, touched by personal reflection and mystery. 



The winner of the Poetry Book of the Year will be announced at the Saltire Literary Awards on 11th November, details and book tickets HERE.