Inspiring Scotland Bursary Winners 2016

Ellis O’Connor, a visual artist practicing drawing, painting, printmaking and photography. Her interest in the relationship between human activity and environmental change took her to the arctic in a residency supported by The Saltire Society and British Council Scotland. See her work on her website:


Daniel Shand, a fiction writer based in Edinburgh, and tutor at The University of Edinburgh, won the support of The Saltire Society and British Council Scotland to undertake travel research in central Europe to help inform his next novel, The Pilgrim. Find him at


BrÌghde Chaimbeul, a piper from the Isle of Skye and a native Gaelic speaker, was awarded the Inspiring Scotland International Travel Bursary for Music so that she could travel to Bulgaria and explore Balkan folk music, with a particular interest in the Bulgarian gaita (bagpipes). Her bursary is a collaboration between the Saltire Society, British Council and Fèisean nan Gàidheal.  More information on her website:


Michael Mallinder-Macleod, a student from The University of Edinburgh, won the British Council and Saltire Society funded International Travel Bursary for architecture. His ambition was to assess how our neighbours across the North Sea in The Netherlands and Denmark were coping with the architectural demands of an aging population. Michael, referring to the experience, “I feel so inspired and think it will really push me to do more in my future career.” Find Michael on Twitter, as @michaelkevinmm


Elliot Roberts, a dramaturg, director and writer based in Glasgow, won the Saltire Young Leader Award last year, which afforded him the role as assistant director for the play co-produced by the Traverse and Tron Theatres, Grain in the Blood. You can read about his experience in the role on the Traverse’s website, where he published a nine-part blog. -director-blog-1 Elliot said that this has “undoubtedly been one of my career highlights thus far.”


Janine Koppe, a philosophy graduate from Germany, won the EIFF Short Film Challenge 2016 award for ‘Most Promising Filmmaker,’ with her stop-animation short, ‘Collections.’ The prize for which was a bursary from The Saltire Society, which will help finance her next shoot. Janine says she is crewing up right now, and hopes to shoot in late April.


Clare Duffy, co-founder of Unlimited Theatre in Leeds, was the winner of last year’s ‘Maverick Award,’ an award made in partnership between the Tom McGrath Trust and the Saltire Society. The bursary awarded will help develop a unique project that integrates digital technologies and playwriting. Find her on Twitter, @playdoctorduffy


Saffy Setohy, a dance artist based in Glasgow, was one of the winners of last year’s Dance Artist Development Bursary. The bursary will help with her performance piece called ‘Hidden Architectures,’ which explores the connections are social knots we make as humans. Her piece will premiere at Dance International Glasgow on the 9th of May. Have a look at Saffy’s website,


Aby Watson, an artist an PhD candidate based Glasgow, was one of the winners of last year’s Dance Artist Development Bursary. The bursary will help with her new dance performance, ‘One way or another,’ which is made from the perspective of a dyspraxic choreographer. Visit her website,


Annie George, writer, award-winning filmmaker and the founding artistic director of Wave Theatre, won the Saltire Society’s bursary for BAME (black and minority ethnic) writers, which was put together in collaboration with the Scottish Book Trust, and presented at the Saltire Society Literary Award 2016. Here’s her website:


Claire Paterson, a contemporary artist and graduate of Glasgow School of Art, was the winner of the Steven Campbell New York Scholarship, funded by the Saltire Society. With this, Claire undertook a three month residency at the International Studio and Curatorial Programme (ISCP), New York. Read her blog to find out how she got on: