The first ever Saltire Medal was presented to Rural Design in 2010 for their project at Fiscavaig on Skye. Previous recipients awarded include Elder and Cannon for their Botany Phase 1 project in Maryhill, Glasgow, Dualchas Architects, Skye and Fergus Purdie Architects/Arthur Watson for their joint venture, Artist Residence in Perth. We are extremely pleased that the Saltire Medal is now part of the scheme in perpetuity. This award is chosen by the Guest Annual Chair.


- The award is chosen from awarded projects in the 4 main awards categories.

-   Submissions cannot be made for the Saltire Medal alone.

-   The Saltire Medal cannot be awarded to the Innovation in Housing Award recipient.

-   There is a £1500 cash prize associated with the Saltire Medal.

 Past Winners

The Old Farmhouse Botany Phase Artist Residence
Invergarry  1 Maryhill, Glasgow  Perth