The Saltire Society Innovation in Housing Awards, now in its fifth year, is all about celebrating that pioneering spirit. It is intended to complement the Scottish Government’s vision for their future housing policy to encourage innovative and original projects and ideas, which will promote debate and possible implementation.

Past Winners

R.House, Isle of Skye A good example of a new and innovative approach to housing, using local labour, materials and pre fabrication facilities on the Isle of Skye to stimulate the local economy. Precision assembly ensures that the houses will have the highest quality of finish and a significantly reduced construction time, resulting in lower costs. But remaining at the very core of the proposal is the high quality design of three flexible house types fine tuned for the Highland landscape to provide elegant, affordable and highly efficient homes for their owners.

PassivTEN, Glasgow


This project investigated the implication of three different low energy standards (Bronze, Silver and Gold), including their technical, and cost constraints. The innovation includes advances in both process and product, and in their social and technological features. The project offers a real potential to eliminate fuel poverty and related health issues in tenements, as well as identifying the ‘cost and benefit’ for the occupant.


The Resonance Funding Project


Throughout 2010, Springfield Property Fund, Rettie & Co, Dunedin Canmore Group and build contractor Springfield Properties worked in
partnership on the delivery of Moray Apartments; the first affordable housing financed using the innovative Rettie Resonance® funding model. The pilot project for the Resonance® funding model provided much needed affordable accommodation and by kick-starting a mothballed construction site. It created jobs and supported the local economy in an example of a public / private sector partnership innovating in a cost effective and practical manner.


 Submissions are open to include a range of companies and organisations, which are involved in a truly innovative project, products or research outputs, including public and private sector bodies, housing associations, local authorities, universities, housing research organisations and self-builders. Housing rapidly has to adapt to the global changes of the twenty first century. These include the transformation of the family and the rise of the non-traditional household, affordable housing, new typologies for living, and concerns over health & wellbeing, climate change and the depletion of natural resources.

The Saltire Society is looking for submissions that are ‘a leading light in the housing sector’. We look forward receiving your application, if you have been involved in innovative solutions that contribute to any of the following criteria:

• Offering new approaches to the delivery, including off-site construction methods;

• Making improvements to the procurement, funding and delivery processes;

• Using new technology, products and materials to deliver significant carbon reductions;

• Overcoming constraints, and improving process, performance and efficiency;

• Improving design quality, and performance standards for both new and existing housing stock, and

• Dealing with, social isolation, fuel poverty and place-making

The list here is not exhaustive and applications will be judged on their overall merit and potential impact in improving housing quality in Scotland.


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